Monday, March 7, 2011

FINN AREK turning 2!!!

Today Finn Arek turns 2... Amazing how time just flies.. He is such a good boy, but knows what he wants:) We celebrated his birthday yesterday, with Thomas the train cake and gifts - and lots of attention:)

It's been quite an eventful weekend - Saturday was the big Move-day for my grandparents. They have now moved from their house into a smaller apartment. It will be a little weird to visit them there in the beginning, but it will be so much better for them to live there - smaller place to clean up, warmer, no stairs, etc. As long as they are happy with the place, and they seem to be, it's all good!

Emma got to go to the cabin with uncle Tor Sigurd and auntie Hege this weekend - she had a blast!!

All in all, we had a busy, but great weekend:)

Happy birthday, Finn Arek!!


Berit K. Høyland said...

Herlige gutten!! :)

Imponert over kaka, må jeg si! (så takk for tipset om Eiken!) ;)
Jeg trodde først det var du som hadde bakt den, så jeg lå omtrent i nesegrus beundring for deg her :) hehe..

Susann said...

Ja, Stompen bakeri er greit å ha i nærheten. Tror nok du hadde klart å lage en lignende kake forsåvidt, men tida strekker vel kanskje ikke til...