Monday, March 7, 2011

FINN AREK turning 2!!!

Today Finn Arek turns 2... Amazing how time just flies.. He is such a good boy, but knows what he wants:) We celebrated his birthday yesterday, with Thomas the train cake and gifts - and lots of attention:)

It's been quite an eventful weekend - Saturday was the big Move-day for my grandparents. They have now moved from their house into a smaller apartment. It will be a little weird to visit them there in the beginning, but it will be so much better for them to live there - smaller place to clean up, warmer, no stairs, etc. As long as they are happy with the place, and they seem to be, it's all good!

Emma got to go to the cabin with uncle Tor Sigurd and auntie Hege this weekend - she had a blast!!

All in all, we had a busy, but great weekend:)

Happy birthday, Finn Arek!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A long lost update....

I was looking at other people's blogs, and figured it was time to give you guys an update from our lives...

Last update on this blog was last May - the kids have grown quite a bit since then:) Emma is now in her last semester of pre-school/day care. She is very cute; always a lot of theories about life, lot's of humor, loves her little brother to pieces, and is getting SO big!!! We can't believe she'll start school in the fall, but I am sure she is ready for it. She is a bright little one... She is however a little bit concerned about how she has to sit still at school. The other day she was talking about this, and saying "I hope we are allowed to breath, otherwise this school-thing will be tricky..." So adorable!

Finn Arek is now almost 2 years old. He's trouble!!!! But a cute troublemaker.. He has a temper, but usually he's all smiles. Always ready to play, and copies EVERYTHING Emma does! He is everywhere; quick, determined, and ready for whatever. He does not speak much, but makes sure we understand what he wants when he wants it:)

The picture is taken at the day care this fall - our two amazing kids!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

17th of May

On the 17th of May we celebrated our independence day here in Norway. Emma had waited for this day for weeks by then, since they had talked a lot about it in her day care. They drew the Norwegian flag there, but of course Emma made them draw the American flag as well!! She makes sure they all know she's an American too:)

On the 17th, we got up early, washed and combed Emma's hair (which took up most of the morning...), and got ready for the parade. Emma loved it:) After the parade, it was time to hang out with everybody - talking, eating ice-cream, and having fun. Emma joined in on different games, they even received a medal when running! She was exhausted, but very happy at the end of the day...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Finally I have some pictures of our precious little boy, Finn Arek. We ended up giving him this name as a compromise - Morgan wanted Finn (after my dad), and Arek is a name I really like. I think the two names go well together, and I'm happy with our decision!

Finn Arek is an adorable boy who likes to stay up - day and night:) He likes his food, so sometimes I feel I'm feeding him non-stop. At least we see results; he is getting bigger every day! He smiles and makes cute noises, and he is also good at crying... We are exhausted now and then, but it's all good:) Emma has also told the teachers in her day care that Finn Arek keeps her awake at night, but I really don't think it's that bad. I expected him to be like Emma, and he is actually not crying as much as her. (Then again, she was pretty intense...)

The weather has been great lately, so we go for strolls whenever we can! We hang out with my cousin, Solfrid, and her baby girl, Mali, a lot. Mali was born 3 days after Finn Arek, so it is a lot of fun to see them together. Otherwise we are just enjoying lazy days and enjoying life:)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not waiting anymore... Our boy is here!!!

So I've been told that maybe it's time to update my blog... I've been kind of out of it for a while now, but it'll get better:)

Our little boy joined us a month ago, on March 7th. We had been waiting for some weeks then, and thought the baby had decided to stay in there forever... But when he decided to come out, he came fast! We barely made it, with an ambulanse, to the hospital. They threw me over on a normal hospital bed, and out he came... So even if it was a quite painful experience, I am not complaining, 'cause it was over so quickly:) It is all worth it anyways, and we are just thrilled about welcoming our boy to the world!

measurements were 3410 grams/7,5 lbs and 50 cm/ 19,7 inches. He has brown eyes, dark hair, and looked a lot like his sister when he was born. He is changing every day, and growing quickly.. Emma is excited about being a big sister, and is of course helping with diaper changes, baths, etc... She is also good at waking him up when she is playing with her toys - of course that usually is when he JUST fell asleep... I will post more pictures soon, but at least I'm back blogging now:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Any Day Now... Please!

So I'm still at home, waiting for the new baby to make its arrival... Waiting sucks! The due date is today, so I don't really have the right to complain yet, but I do anyways. This pregnancy has been very different from when I was expecting Emma. I wasn't in pain at all with Emma, and this time there has been several days and nights where I've been thinking we should call the hospital... In addition, both the doctor and the midwife have told me that the baby and I are ready, so of course I've been waiting lately!!! Anyways, when we finally see the little one, we've forgotten about all the waiting and pain within seconds - it's all worth it;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Emma the pirate!

Emma loves going to the day-care, and it's even more fun when they have special events going on... Here the other day, she could go to the day-care as a pirate, and boy was she happy!!!! She woke up within seconds that morning (and she is, like her parents, not a morning person..). She had a blast while spending time with her friends (there apparently were a lot of pirates there that day, as well as lions, princesses and clowns) eating hot dogs and hitting the pinata:)